My 3 Favorite States to Dine, Dance, and Sleep...

To travel eat well and have amazing life experiences is one of the best pieces of advice I can give. It's right under be bitter or be better my favorite motto. I've learned my best lessons on the road and have had the greatest spontaneous adventures traveling to new places eating new foods and dancing the night away in an epic nightclub.

I have been blessed to be able to travel, dance, and dine in some pretty cool places in the USA. I would like to share with you my 3 favorites states to have a great time in. Let's Go


What's not to love about Atlanta. I mean besides the traffic but what major city doesn't have terrible traffic. It's all about planning ahead and knowing your way around if you really want to take advantage of exploring a great city.

My favorite place to eat is a little Hibachi spot in Tucker its about 20 mins outside of Atlanta but a must try. Its the best hibachi I have ever had by far anywhere. The prices ar elow and the food is amazing.

This an actual picture of their hibachi. Make sure to get the extra yummy sauce.

Hibachi Express

3905 Lavista Rd

Tucker GA 30084

My all-time favorite nightclub in Atlanta is Tongue and Groove. It's a beautiful enormous place. There are two clubs inside playing 2 genres of music the whole time. The upstairs has the best backgrounds for all your pictures.

Dress to Impress here trust me.

My all-time favorite hotel to wind down and relax in Atlanta is The Ritz-Carlton.

Something about sipping wine on those plush luxury sofas in such an elegant setting just brings the richness right out of you.


181 Peachtree St NE

2:New York City

New York City is truly the city that never sleeps and the city with the best Pizza.

If you are ever in Times Square and want to grab the best pizza slice at the best price Joe's Pizza is a must-buy. It's served hot and delicious, they have plenty of options and they stay open late.

Next head over to the Dream hotel. This is a 2 in 1 for me. The rooms are amazing. The lobby and bar decor is exquisite and perfectly designed.

The showers are very big and the room service is super fast. Freshen up and head to the roof for one of the best rooftop club experiences is the city.

The views are absolutely amazing and unforgettable. The club is spacious and the drinks are never watered down. You get your money's worth for sure.

You can't beat New York City when it comes to having a great time.


Miami has some of the best seafood and sushi spots in the country. It's only right I pick an oyster spot and a sushi spot to put you on. Not to mention I honestly just couldn't pick between the two lol.

Sushi Sake is my go-to spot for all things sushi. They have about 15 different locations in the south fl area so if you are ever in Dade county just google Sushi Sake and the closest one to you is where you should go.