The Heart Will Always Want What It Wants.

I've been blessed to touch lots of money in all my years of living. I've lived in tons of places. I've practiced a few different lifestyles and even been in a few polyamorous relationships. One thing life has taught me is that when your heart and soul yearn to be in a place that your body is not present at your mind won't let you forget it.

At least that's how it's been for me for the past year. I have known felt and even visualized exactly where it is that I want to be yet have held myself back from facing my own fears and completing my own destiny. Crazy how pride can hold us back from fulfilling our own purpose and being truly happy.

You can drink and party all you want. Buy all the purses and shoes in the world and even busy yourself with the hardest tasks to complete but your mind won't let you quit thinking about the time you're really wasting by not doing what is right for your soul. How crazy life works when the ones you think you can live without are the same ones you just can't stop thinking about.

Everyday tasks don't seem as meaningful things happen that you know they would find funny cute or outrageous but you won't dare call them to share the moment you just have those conversations with them in your mind and keep pushing. Why do we wait so long as grown-ups to push all the bullshit aside and just be go for who or what makes us happy? If it's done you no harm why must the simple misunderstandings lead to detrimental moments and time wasted running and roaming the world lost without them because you've been hurt and your pride won't let you let the irrelevant shit go? If happiness is truly the key to our sanity why must we deprive ourselves of that very thing all because we are too prideful to go backward or too worried about people who are not half as sure about what they want in life to have opinions on what we really want to make us happy?

Could It All Really Be So Simple And Are We Really Just Making It Hard........

Time will tell. I know one thing for sure I'm ready to jump in headfirst and take the chance to have the happily ever after I and mines deserve. What about you? What's really stopping you from reaching your full potential and living the rich happy life you deserve.

xoxo PK

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